Marriages in Court are the Best Ways of Uniting Souls and Attaining Wedlock

The procedure of court marriage has become the most common procedure in India. It is subsequently governed and made possible by the Special Act of Marriage 1954. This act provides for the civil ceremony between prospective brides and grooms belonging to various other religions. However, parties belonging to the same religion may also choose to get married in the court by keeping aside ceremonies and rituals. The first and foremost part of getting married in a court requires you to get hold of a Matrimony Advocate in Bhubaneswar who shall legally bind you. The points mentioned below will help you gain insight on them and the merits of court marriage.

The key role

When a couple takes the decision to get married either with the consent of the willing guardians or with the help of friends you will need a Marriage Advocate in Bhubaneswar to get on with the proceedings. There are many law firms that house the best matrimony advocates and there are websites too where you can find them. Many times there are couples that decide to tie the knot in the absence of willing parents. It is then that these experienced lawyers protect them. These are the prime duties they perform unabashedly.

  • Besides helping couples get married in the court, they help obtain valid documents in the form of marriage certificates.
  • They file for protection of liberty and life in the Courts and also provide support by getting a protection order.
  • In the case of marriages where there are unwilling parents involved they help in finding ways to patch things up between parents and couples.

The importance of court Marriage

It is crucial to get your marriage registered in court or legally, and a Best Advocate in Bhubaneswar will help you do that. You need a legal license in marriage for the following reasons.

  • Passport: It is supremely important to get the marriage registered with the help of lawyers because you need valid documents. If you do not have a passport before marriage then getting one post marriage requires the marriage certificate.
  • Accounts in the bank: Couples may need to have joint accounts for various reasons and this you need a wedding certificate. You can always get one with the help of an advocate.
  • Insurance policies: Pay heed to get a marriage license because it is the most required in cases of property succession. Legal proceedings become much easier.
  • Work permit: If any of you works abroad and is willing to take your spouse along, then a legal document is mandatory. A marriage certificate helps you get the permit, and there shall be no hurdles.

The Benefits

It is always important to get this beautiful bond of marriage registered just beside other customs and rituals. Some of the most notable advantages of getting married in a court involve the following things.

  • A court wedding saves money and is far more economical. This is because there is no unnecessary spending on ceremonies and the money can be well utilized for financial commitments.
  • A court registry is time-saving and can be completed within a few hours without having to spend days and weeks on it.
  • It protects the privacy because it is only the relatives, groom, bride and the marriage advocate involved.
  • It is practical and is a polite way of getting out from the age-old customs of gift taking and giving.
  • Marriage is a knot that ties two souls and what better than a court to conduct it without any financial hassles. Most importantly you are legally wedded husband and wife before the court of law.